6 Causes of Bad Breath

Bad breath is a cause of real concern. As much as it evades a personal sense of unhygienic it also may ruin your social image.

Here are some of the obvious culprits that are to be blamed for bad breath.


If you sleep with mouth wide opened or you snore this can lead to morning breath. Maintaining good oral hygiene can help to cut on that. To get your teeth cleaned by a professional you can visit the best dentist in Karachi or other main cities of Pakistan. Also, sleep on your side to snore less.

6 Causes of Bad Breath


Having a metallic breath indicates you have gum disease. This can be due to heredity reasons. A major cause of it is lack of dental cleaning. Brush and floss regularly to avoid gum infections. Smokers are at increased risk to this ailment. To get rid of gum diseases book an appointment with a top dentist in your location.

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Acid Reflux:

If you have acid reflux problem this can be the reason of bad breath. When acid flows in the wrong way into your esophagus some food and liquid can also come along. This promotes the growth of bacteria and can lead to a sour smelling breath as well.


In diabetics, fruity smelling breath shows their body is running low on insulin. It means fat is being used as a source of energy instead of sugar. Call your doctor right away.

6 Causes of Bad Breath


H.Pylori is the causative agent of stomach ulcers. Besides heartburn, nausea and other symptoms it leads to bad breath as well. proper treatment helps to get rid of this infection and bad breath as well.

Respiratory Infections:

Suffering from cold and sinus problems can cause bad breath. It is due to the transfer of infected mucus to the nose and mouth. Once you get over cold your get rid of bad breath also.

Besides these tonsils, some medicines and being dehydrated can also cause bad breath. Chew a mint gum and keep your dental hygiene up to the mark to get rid of this embarrassing problem. For more article you can read at Health Guest Post Blog 2019

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