6 Possible Causes Of Foot Pain

Feet are one of the blessings of Allah, as they help us walk and run. Even the slightest pain in any of the foot can stop the function of body altogether. Foot ache like any other pain can make a person suffer a lot. It can hinder the performance of a person’s day to day activity. Pain in toes, ankles or heels is considered as a Foot Pain and it could be caused by number of reasons.

In order to save yourself from this ache, keeping right posture is very important after all your feet are lifting your whole body’s weight. In this article, we will disclose few more reasons that can make you suffer from mild to severe foot ache.

1). Obesity

Person with high weight is more prone to get foot ache, as feet have to lift the whole weight of a person and higher the weight, higher are the chances of nerves to compress that can lead to a chronic pain in feet.

2). Heels

Heels are the weakness of every other woman but Ladies! Beware. It can enlarge the tissues between your toes especially when you wear tight, narrow-heeled shoes. It can lead to numbness of feet and at times burning sensation is felt by the patient.

3). Arthritis

It is a condition that causes deviation of bones and inflammation is felt between joints of toes. In severe cases an outgrowth like a ball starts coming out of the joint causing miserable pain. In this condition a person need to visit an orthopedic surgeon right away.

Causes Of Foot Pain
Causes Of Foot Pain

4). Gout

Gout is a condition in which kidneys stops to function properly and uric acid increases in the body. Due to excess amount of Uric acid in the body crystals are formed in the joints usually in toes. It makes toes red and really sensitive to touch. A person suffering from it feels burning sensation in the feet because of it.

5). Wrong Exercises

Exercise should always be done under supervision of a trainer. Tendinitis is a condition that occurs due to inflammation of a tendon. It mostly happens when exercise is done without any support or on a hard surface.

6). Sprain

Over stretching of ligament or tendon can cause strain in a foot. It can be very painful if not taken care of. In this condition, a foot should be iced, compressed and should be kept in an elevated position. Mostly rest in this condition is mandatory.

Above mentioned symptoms are some of the causes of foot ache, if it lasts longer than few days visit a doctor as soon as possible. Afterall! Happy feet bring happiness in every walk of your life.

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