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Excess weight loss in children is a parent responsibility, to prevent the excessive weight gain. Because we know that excessive weight, obesity is a major concern, that’s swirling around in the majority of the kids of the world. Overweight or obesity is something that should be cured before it reaches the peak. So we as an expert are going to give you certain guidelines, which need to implement some weight loss tips to stop being overweight and piling up of extra pounds.


  • Physical activity is a must for a weight loss and healthy living and it should be included in the daily routine to make weight loss fun.
  • Indoor games such as video games, chess, carom board etc should be removed and outdoor games such as baseball; basketball etc should be included in the fitness routine to help weight loss.
  • Introduction of the sports keeps the blood circulation level good in the body and it can also serve as the motivational factor for weight loss and be fit.
  • Gymnastics, karate etc can be ideal physical activity, which enhances the weight loss and a fitness level to a great extent.
  • Early morning jog can be done to remove the fat through sweat.


Weight loss breakfast is an important meal of the day and if it’s healthy, then life is healthy. Its a common ideology, that people who have fruits, low fat milk and wheat cereals etc in their breakfast, they tend to be less weight than others.


Routine in the meals is a must to help with there weight loss, for prevention of the extra pounds. The specific timings of food reduce the risk of extra fats in the body, plus the body is highly active. Even though we have busy schedules of work, but setting up the child’s food routine is mandatory.


  • In today’s world eating outside is a common habit, but this can be the main cause for being overweight.
  • So one needs to have home cooked food rather than eating at food joints to help with the weight loss.
  • Kid’s favorite dishes must be prepared at home, to give him a chance to be fit and lose weight.
  • If you are not a professional in cooking, then somebody can be hired to do so.
  • High oil intake and unclean cooking atmosphere can be easily avoided by eating home.


Juice intake in the daily routine could help in getting energy and maintaining weight, as the juice is the extract of fruits and fruits depict health. We could say stay healthy and stop excess weight, by having a proper diet, physical activity, eating home and drinking juice.

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